B-Thrifty Partnership with PWCS Makes its Mark in Our Schools

B-Thrifty Partnership with PWCS Makes its Mark in Our Schools

B-Thrifty-and-JessieBrightly colored B-Thrifty recycling collection bins have landed at Alvey, Belmont, Ellis, Piney Branch, and Victory Elementary Schools; and Fred M. Lynn Middle School and Gar-Field High School. For every pound of gently used clothing, shoes, and household items donated, B-Thrifty in Woodbridge will give funds back to the schools. Since March, more than $900 has been raised.

B-Thrifty is one of 1,000 strong partnerships between local businesses and schools that bring resources and opportunities to our students.


School Board member Lillie Jessie (Occoquan) and the staff of SPARK, the Education Foundation for Prince William County Public Schools, worked tirelessly to establish a unique partnership with this local business.B-Thrifty supports the VA STAR program through donations of computers and takes recycling education programs into classrooms. Outside the classroom B-Thrifty supports the annual Prince William County EXPO, offers a discount to PWCS employees, provides winter coat vouchers for students in need, and creates jobs for students and families.

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