Auto Shops, B-Thrifty Partner to Collect Unwanted Goods

Auto Shops, B-Thrifty Partner to Collect Unwanted Goods

steves-hometowne-bthriftyEmployees at Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire and Hometowne Auto Repair and Tire want to see which store can collect more clothing items to be recycled.

Two bins have been placed along Neabsco Mills Road at intersection of U.S. 1 in Woodbridge, near the two automotive repair shops at Hanco Center.

The collection is part of a “recycling” program is open to businesses, schools, and just about anyone else who wants to host a collection bin, which is provided at no charge by the B-Thrifty thrift store and marketplace in Woodbridge.

Once the merchandise is brought to the thrift center, B-Thrifty pays the collectors cents on the dollar for each pound of items that have collected in their bin. Many organizations and schools, including public schools in Prince William and Fairfax counties have held fundraisers using the bins, says Alex Magdaleno, business development manager at B-Thrifty.

“It’s great exposure for the participating organization because we get to put their logo on the bin, they get the recognition for being green, and they collect money when they decide to end their recycling drive,” said Magdaleno.

The items collected by the thrift market are then put out on the sales floor and sold. What doesn’t sell is then shipped to places like Haiti, in 100-pound shipping bails, where it sells there. Magdaleno says the goods help create commerce and jobs for workers in Haiti and other locations.

“We found a balance for us to make a living and being able to give back to our community,” he added.

Both the Steve’s and Hometowne auto shops say they chose to host a bin for the recycling effort and not as a means to profit. Both shops decided to locate their bins in an easy pull off area alongside the road so drivers could conveniently stop, not block traffic, and then place their unwanted goods inside the bins.

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