B-THRIFTY participates in Federal program for Veterans

B-THRIFTY participates in Federal program for Veterans

B-THRIFTY participates in Federal program for Veterans

While it may difficult to imagine, it is true: there are men and women who have fought to protect our country living in the woods in Prince William County. Some have combat experience dating back to the Vietnam War, while others have served in the more recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) attempts to locate these homeless veterans and provides services through case management and clinical services. The local case manager serving Prince William County is April Ballard, LCSW. Through connection with April, B-Thrifty has found a way to make a small contribution to improving the quality of life for some of these individuals.

Several homeless veterans  have come to B-Thrifty with letters of referrals from the case manager to receive items of furniture and clothes free of charge. As they improve  their physical and mental health through the clinical services provided by the Veterans Affairs program, we are pleased that B-Thrifty can assist in improving their physical comfort.

One of the B-Thrifty founders, Alonso Zamora, was making a presentation to an inter-denominational church group last month and proceeded to share the story of one veteran who was provided free clothes and shoes at B-Thrifty so that he could apply for a job. A gentleman from the back of the room quietly moved forward and said, “that was me!” He had found a custodial job at the host church.

While we are working on improving the procedure for providing basic items to these veterans, B-Thrifty is proud to have a small part in this Federal Government Program to help those who have helped keep our country safe.

By H. Dale Keeton, Ph.D.

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