B-thrifty Salutes A Wider Circle

B-thrifty Salutes A Wider Circle

By H. Dale Keeton, Ph.D.

The vision and mission of B –Thrifty has become clearer following the grand opening of three years ago. More than just a “super thrift store,” there is a strong interest among the founders, investors, and staff/partners in helping those individuals and families who experience the most need. We do this, not by starting new charitable organizations, but by assisting many well-established groups perform their missions.


To date, B-thrifty has offered support to literally dozens of non-profits.

A strong mutual support relationship has developed over the past two years between B-Thrifty and an organization called A Wider Circle. Founded 12 years ago by Dr. Mark Bergel, a health professional and University professor, A Wider Circle is dedicated to the task of “ending poverty.” Mark is quick to remind us, however, that poverty relates to more than just tangible needs but to inner needs as well.

Mark does not sleep on a bed of his own. He ends his 17-hour work day by collapsing on his couch or floor, pledging to not sleep on a bed until every child and adult in the country has a bed on which to sleep.

The Catalogue for Philanthropy calls A Wider Circle “one of the finest charities Washington DC has to offer.” Operating out of The Center for Community Service in Silver Spring, Maryland, A Wider Circle furnishes homes and provides educational programs for literally thousands of men, women, and children.


B-Thrifty is extraordinarily proud of its partnership with such a worthwhile organization. In the words of Board Member Alonso Zamora, “We will do whatever we can to support the mission and activity of A Wider Circle.”

Contact for A Wider Circle:

Phone: 301-608-3504/ Fax: 301-608-3508/ E-mail: contact@awidercircle.org.

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